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Our Pathway

The Meadowbrook Academy for Developing Entrepreneurs provides an integrated course schedule of learning through exploration, discovery, collaboration, innovation and self-reflection. In our classes, our teachers emphasize the strategies and processes involved in learning and self-growth, creating a unique opportunity for students to not only become entrepreneurs, but prepare them with the essential 21st century skills required to be a productive member of our constantly changing economy.

Honors Idea Generation

9th Grade

Our introductory course to the program, Idea Generation exposes new founders to the principles of entrepreneurship. We seek to have students answer the question: What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? The course focuses on ideas such as values, identifying opportunities, validating concepts, identifying customers, and the lean business model. In addition with the assistance of mentors, students form teams and begin to develop business concepts to pitch for their final exam.

Students in this course will also participate in the Junior Achievement Be Entrepreneurial Program and a 9th Grade Mentorship program with peer mentors from the Senior class.

Honors Economics and Personal Finance

10th Grade

While focusing on the curriculum framework for Personal Finance and Economics, students explore how basic concepts of economics and finance effect the development of start ups. Students will also be exposed to the financial basics required to operate and execute a startup. Students will also build upon principles learned in Idea Generation in teams, to develop a concept with the assistance of mentors, that can be pitched for pre accelerator money at the end of the school year. 

Students in this course will participate in the Junior Achievement Finance Park Program.

Honors Idea Acceleration

11th Grade

Idea acceleration builds upon the principles set in Idea Generation, and transitions the student from a novice to an actual founder.  Students in this course progress through a pathway which takes them from identifying a potential idea for a business to actually launching a business.  It is the goal of this course that most if not all 11th grade students have attempted to launch a business by the end of the school year.

Students in this course will also take part in the Junior Achievement Company Program.

Honors Idea Execution

12th Grade

This course is established around the idea of sustaining and growing a startup.  Using the businesses established in the 11th grade, students will continue the entrepreneurial journey, with the goal of maintaining and increasing their business.  Styled after a college seminar course, students will establish goals related to their business and produce evidence throughout the year that they have met their goals.  Through guidance from industry mentors this will lead to an authentic and engaging experience for students.

Other Courses and Requirements

An Exceptional Learning Experience

Students also take the following courses as members of the Meadowbrook Academy for Digital Entrepreneurship:

MADE Honors English 9 and 10

AP Human Geography

AP Computer Science Principles

Leadership Development for Startups

Please note that course offerings may change at anytime.

Students are also required to complete the following by graduation:

120 hours of community service (30 per year)
60 hour mentorship/internship (hours can be completed in various ways)

Participate in at least one club endorsed by the program each year, examples: DECA, FBLA, Launch X, Robotics, etc.

Leadership for Startups

12th Grade

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of leadership and how to apply those ideas to startups and their community.  We believe that to a successful entrepreneur must always be willing to be a leader in their community and give back!   ​In addition to understanding organizational leadership, students will also prepare community service projects using project management skills, and provide outreach opportunities to younger students.  Students in this course will also be responsible for establishing and promoting a mentor ship program for incoming 9th grade student entrepreneurs.

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